Are you concerned about the water supply in our region?

Have you ever thought about how much water is still available for use and with the increased demand on water supplies by industrial development and residential expansion, just how much water will be left for our future generations?

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We are aiming to Develop a baseline data record against which future water assets may be measured.

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The greater Gingin area is now, in 2012, facing a serious and immediate groundwater supply problem.

We have all noticed the summer flows in Gingin Brook have drastically diminished, bores that have produced water for decades are drying up and the water level in many others is falling rapidly.

It is suspected that an increase in water consumption by the Perth metro area may be exacerbating the declining water supply across the Gingin coastal plains. How our water is used now and into the future must be addressed now or we will run into water shortages.

Immediate action is required to educate area residents on where our water comes from, how aquifers work and to learn where water is still plentiful and where it is diminishing.

To prevent further losses in our water supply, everyone affected by this crisis will need to unify and, in a collective voice, effectively communicate the concerns of the community to government agencies and private organisations. We must demand better management of the ground and surface water across the greater Gingin area by encouraging (lobby for) the sustainable use of the diminishing water supply.

The Gingin Water Group is now incorporated and provides members with a collective voice representing all industrial, commercial and private water users across the wider Gingin area.

The Group's aims are:-

"To do and perform all acts, matters and things necessary to be done and performed so as to encourage the protection of the various brooks, streams, surface and sub-surface aquifers within the wider Gingin area and to preserve the social, economic and environmental values that they underpin."

Guidelines for viewing publicly available monitoring data from Groundwater and Surface water sources in the Gingin region

Instructions on how to navigate our WIN (Water Information Network) tools to access site data for surfacewater and groundwater sites in Gingin (and elsewhere in the state).

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