News and Announcements

Gingin Water Group Inc 2023 AGM

Thursday 16th March 2023, 6.15pm

At Gingin Golf Club, Dewar Road , Gingin

Community Planting Day and BBQ on Moondah Brook on 14 May 2022, 10am

Gingin Water Group 2022 AGM

Thursday 17th March 2022, 6.30pm

At Gingin Mens Shed 3 Horan Street Gingin

Update 15/09/2021

Field Day and BBQ 18th September 2021

RSVP required by 5pm Thursday 16/09/2021.

Update 13/03/2021.

GWG AGM 6.30pm Wednesday 17th March 2021. Note change of venue

The Gingin Water Group AGM will be held at 6.30pm Wednesday 17th March 2021 at Gingin School Performing Arts Centre, Daw Street, Gingin. (Best to park in Daw Street)   Note change of venue.  GPS -31.34395,115.91162

Reminder: Your membership needs to be up to date (due 1st January each year) if you wish to vote and if you wish to vote by proxy the form needs to be received by the Secretary before the start of the meeting.  Forms can be emailed to and membership can be paid by transfer (see webpage for details).

There is a map of the venue.

Update 25/02/2021.

GWG AGM 6.30pm Wednesday 17th March 2021

The Gingin Water Group AGM will be held at 6.30pm Wednesday 17th March 2021 at the at Gingin School Performing Arts Centre,  Gingin  Note change of venue

Attached is the agenda for the meeting and the minutes of the previous AGM held 31st October 2020.

You may appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf if you are unable to attend the meeting in person. Proxy forms need to be received by the Secretary before the commencement of the meeting. Proxy forms may be emailed to or by post to PO Box 62 Muchea 6501 to be received by 4.30pm 16th March.

The group is looking for fresh ideas to guide its future direction so please consider putting your hand up be involved. A nomination form is attached for your convenience. Nominations can also be accepted from the floor at the meeting.

Update 23/10/2020

Here is the provisional program of the GWG Water Forum.

The Water Forum will be followed by the AGM of the Gingin Water Group inc (GWG).

The GWG needs community support to continue to provide the Water Forum and to advocate for sustainable water use in Gingin

Update 1 October 2020

The Gingin Water Group inc Water Forum and Gingin Water Group Inc AGM

The GWG inc Water Forum is to be on Saturday October 31 2020 at Granville Civic Center 9am to 12 noon.

The Gingin Water Group AGM will also be held following the forum at the Granville Center . There will be a discussion to raise fees to $22 to allow for GST.

Update 29 June 2020

A number of the recent GWG Northern Valley News articles are now available in the newletters section of this site. They include

Recharge and Allocation Limits Influencing Gingin’s Wetlands

How to view Gingin’s Brook Flow Data
How to view the DWER Water Register

(The following is from the above NVN article . It is David Rickson GWG How to)

Water Regulator Keen to Protect Gingin Wetlands. 2 part discussion.

Five Million Dollars spent to understand Nature’s Intent

Update 20 June 2020

The Landholder Water Strategy Zones information (see below) is able to be downloaded below, after the zone maps .

The GWG hopes to hold a Community Water Forum (covid19 restrictions allowing) on the morning of Saturday 24th October 2020 in Gingin. It would be a free event.

The GWG has received a grant from Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program. The grant is to assist with community awareness and engagement by the printing and distribution of the Landholder Water Information Package, the running of the Community Water Forum and holding five landholder field day information forums. One landholder field day forum is to be held in each of the five zones identified in the Gingin Brook and Lennard Brook areas. The map follows. A copy of the map is also on display in the Gingin CRC. The landholder water strategy zone information is available below, after the zone maps.

The forums will gauge if there is landholder interest in undertaking future on-ground work to protect the brooks. If there is interest further grants can be sought to provide assistance to landholders in undertaking activities. Any landholders, particularly those in the Neergabby area, who would be interested in more information about holding a forum on their property please respond by contacting GWG . Landholders interested in attending a forum or in being advised of future opportunities to receive assistance with on-ground works are also welcome to respond.

ZONES 1 to 5

Following is the individual zones – it might be easier for people to
determine which zone they are in from these.


The Landholder Water Strategy Zones information is available for downloading here.