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We are aiming to Develop a baseline data record against which future water assets may be measured.

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Are you concerned about the water supply in our region?

The dire state that farmers waterpoints had reached after the summer of 2011

Have you ever thought about how much water is still available for use and with the increased demand on water supplies by industrial development and residential expansion, just how much water will be left for our future generations?

"Currently, the greater Gingin area is now facing a serious and immediate groundwater supply crisis. "

We have all noticed the summer flows in Gingin Brook have drastically diminished, bores that have produced water for decades are drying up and the water level in many others is falling rapidly.

 It is suspected that an increase in water consumption by the Perth metro area may be exacerbating the declining water supply across the Gingin coastal plains.  How our water is used now and into the future must be addressed or we will run into water shortages.

Therefore, immediate action is required to educate area residents on where our water comes from, how aquifers work and to learn where water  is still plentiful and where it is diminishing.

To prevent further losses in our water supply, everyone affected by this crisis will need to unify and in collective voice, effectively communicate the concerns of the community to government agencies and private organisations for better management of the ground and surface water across the greater Gingin area by encouraging (lobby for) the sustainable use of the diminishing water supply.

As a result, the group decided to incorporate and is providing its members with a collective voice representing all industrial, commercial, and private water users from across the wider Gingin area and aims...

“To do and perform all acts, matters and things necessary to be done and performed so as to encourage the protection of the various brooks, streams, surface and sub-surface aquifers within the wider Gingin area and to preserve the social, economic and environmental values that they underpin.”

If you think diminishing water supplies are impacting the region then you should consider becoming a member of the Gingin Water Group.

Why the Gingin Water Group was formed...

On October 27, 2010 approximately 100 people attended a public ‘water crisis’ meeting at the Granville Centre in Gingin.  There, it was decided to take action to secure and protect Gingin water for the Gingin area.   

An informal group of volunteers began to investigate and learn about the source of the unique and iconic spring fed streams and the natural groundwater that feeds the area’s perennial streams including the Gingin Book, Moondah Brook, Lennard Brook, Wowra Brook, Red Gully, and Breera Brook and associated fresh water lakes. 

Through meetings, seminars and field reconnaissance the group recorded the experiences, observations and opinions of many local groundwater consumers and increased their understanding of the water systems in the region and developed a working relationship with the Department of Water.

At a follow-up meeting on June 27, 2011 the volunteers reported their findings which clearly indicated a high level of community interest and support for our group and what we were trying to achieve.  Based on this positive feedback, the Gingin Water Group decided to incorporate, and make use of this greater authority to carry a compelling message of water conservation and the sustainable use of water supplies to decision makers and managers across the region.

Objectives of the Gingin Water Group Inc

  1. To foster and promote an understanding of sustainable use of water in the greater Gingin area.
  2. To foster and maintain communication with government agencies and private organisations/businesses whose decisions impact on the sustainable use of water in the wider Gingin area.
  3. To promote and publicise water conservation practises for all types of land use in the greater Gingin area.
  4. To obtain funding for projects to ensure that viability of all water dependent ecosystems across the greater Gingin area is maintained.
  5. To work in cooperation with local, state and federal governments and private agencies to ensure the achievement of long term sustainable use of the water resource in the greater Gingin area.
  6. To do and perform all acts, matters and things, necessary to be done and performed, so as to encourage the protection of the various brooks, streams and aquifers within the wider Gingin area and to preserve the social, economic and environmental values that they underpin.


Why should I become a member of the Gingin Water Group Inc?

“Only through the collective and combined strength of the membership of a recognised organisation can our individual voices be heard.”

  1. To have your voice heard...
    The sustainability of our local groundwater is now in doubt.  Decisions made today will affect every current and future resident of Gingin for many generations to come.  Never before, has your say in how water is used been so important.
  1. There is strength in numbers...
    An individual voice is easily ignored. If we want to be heard and have input into this very serious issue we must have a solid membership base which uses its collective voice to be better heard.
  1. To have political influence...
    A group with sufficient registered members (voters) can influence political decisions and elections.
  1. To access funding...
    Sufficient membership in the Gingin Water Group is required to be eligible for government funding.   Funds are crucial to employ experts who can provide an authoritative analysis of the water supply and usage in the region and make quantified recommendations regarding such findings are required by the government to influence water management policy.
  1. To allocate funding...
    Should funding be made available to the Gingin Water Group, these funds will be allocated to projects put forward by active members that best demonstrate the objectives of the group.
  1. To raise awareness of member specific issues...
    Members can register their concerns on specific issues in relation to surface or ground water in the greater Gingin area or raise questions specific to their own situation or express their personal point of view without obligation.

To claim that collective voice and use it to your advantage you are invited to become a member of the Gingin Water Group.  An APPLICATION FORM is enclosed.

Preservation of satisfactory surface and groundwater sources for personal use as well as protecting natural patches of vegetation that rely on a supply of water which is greater than the actual annual fall on that area are important objectives of the Gingin Water Group and the Department of Water. To ensure the greatest possibility of achieving these objectives in the longer term it is important that any changes in these parameters be quickly reported to us. Forms for this can be found in the section on Membership. Remember that the Department of Water have admitted that they are unable to assess all these local variances, especially on private properties. To protect these assets for your future generations you would be wise to report them NOW.