Case Study: Community comment and photos

Dried out streamline which recharged the Gingin Brook

Dried out streamline which recharged the Gingin Brook . Gingin Water Group is investigating regions along the Brook where natural recharge used to occur but now does not. Department of Water and Forestry Products Commission are being consulted on the possibility that some plantings of pines may be responsible in the drying climate.

Gingin Water Group AGM

David Rickson addresses the AGM and public forum where 100 local residents supported the direction Gingin Water Group was taking to identify local water issues and communicate the committee findings to the community.

Gingin Brook on a property near the Military road

The Gingin Water Group assessed this drying pool of the Gingin Brook on a property near the Military road turn off. This region is receiving special attention from Department of Water in an effort to understand and protect environmental flows through this part of the Brook.

Trandos Farms

Gingin Water Group visited Trandos Farms on the issues bus tour. The farming techniques and water management techniques were explained to the group.

The Committee concluded that all reasonable effort was being made by the farm to produce the best possible product (corn and beans) with the least amount of water used per unit of product produced.

Special varieties were used and industry best practise biological pest control techniques resulted in a food source that had an environmental cost much lower than the average home garden.

Department of Water – Yarragadee monitoring bores Beermullah Western Australia

GWG toured the Beermullah bore site where DoW was installing 2 deep bores to monitor all water aquifers down to the Yarragadee.

They are drilling 2 such bores at each of 12 sites across the region . These will assist in ensuring that water is allocated in a sustainable manner from all aquifers.

GWG will be kept informed of the project and ongoing information obtained.

The declining water tables in the Coonabidgee region

George Grant explains to the GWG committee and DoW officials the declining water tables in the Coonabidgee region.

DoW were shocked by the state of local water levels in this region covered by a yet to be fully understood complex of perched superficial aquifers.

They are analysing the results of the airborne EMR survey and will continue to pay particular attention to ensure water resources are protected in the region.

GWG will closely monitor progress across this area.

The water issues bus tour

The water issues bus tour organised by the GWG resulted in the community bus packed with the committee and a variety of experts from the private and public sector being taken on a comprehensive tour of the region.

Important relationships were made and information shared that will result in a much more learned and active community water group being able to communicate the aspirations of all users across the greater Gingin region.