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Gingin Water Group Inc.
c/o The Treasurer
PO Box 289

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Management Structure of the Gingin Water Group Inc.
Committee of Management

Subject to section 27, sub-rule (9) of the Associations Incorporation Act, the affairs of the Association will be managed exclusively by a Committee of Management. 

The Gingin Water Group Inc. Committee of Management members are: 


David Rickson, Farmer, Pastoralist                        
(08) 9279 5831
Mobile 0427 612 918


Terry Grocke, Horticulture, Groundwater Licensee                                                                                      
(08) 9575 1442
Mobile 0427 170 520


Kerry Fewster, Apiarist, Landholder
08 9575 2060


Ed Fletcher, Landholder , Scientist
0428 585 485

The Committee comprises of not less than five and not more than eight other persons, all of whom must be members of the Association.

Committee members of the Gingin Water Group Inc. are: 

Peter Ansell, Citrus grower, Groundwater Licensee
0418 944 151

Sue Pedrick , Landholder
0467 243 238

Wayne Lette , Landholder , contractor , water licensee
0427 968 215

Michelle Lette, Landholder , water licensee , fruit grower
(08) 9576 2012

Organisation Committee members

Gingin Shire Council
Perth NRM
Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC)
Moore Catchment Council (MCC)
Chittering Landcare Centre